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A well-crafted website that communicates professionalism and credibility is essential for any business and all entrepreneurs. We work exclusively with progressive business owners who understand the importance of an updated, effective website design, and we specialize in e-commerce, informational and non-profit website design. Devote more time to running your business by hiring our team!

What We Do

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Why It Works

Business owners spread themselves thin by engaging in several different roles that require time and effort. We create a partnership with our business owners with the intent of understanding what needs to be done so that they can increase the value of their business and earn more revenue. Informational package includes complimentary IT consulting, website analytics, SEO and marketing strategy. We are always concerned with the overall growth of your business, and not just your website.

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Teens Unlimited | Non-Profit

Heather Raquel | Resume

3T Tech Solutions | Informational

What You Pay

Just as you would never create a Facebook or Twitter account and consciously neglect to update it, a website should be revised or updated at least once a month. We design, host and maintain all of our original website designs. Potential customers will not spend time browsing a website that is dated or visually unappealing. Pricing includes hosting, consulting, maintenance, updates and unlimited pages. No matter what plan you choose, we will provide a quality product that exceeds your expectations.

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Excellent & Professional

You were an excellent and professional person from start to finish! I really love the way you asked questions about me and my business that I never had thought about. And it was with those perspectives of my business you were able to create something better than I could've ever envisioned. I heard about your business while on social media, so i'll be honest in saying that I was a little leery of taking on your services with me being an IT person and all. I was afraid you wouldn't fully understand what I was trying to capture. But I was totally wrong! You hit the nail right on the head and the design and quality of my site is amazing. I am truly appreciative of your business and professional services and I look forward to our work in the future.

Tyrone D. 3T Tech Solutions

Critical Tool

With the monthly plan, they work behind the scenes so I can be stress free! I am so happy with the customer service and creativity. This service is a crucial TOOL to any business! Looking forward to a long-term business relationship!

Karina G. ZBR Design

Class Act

This has been such an enjoyable experience! Not only have I been able to clearly identify my brand, but in only a short time, I can tell I have grown as an individual during this process. Lovett Solutions gives great, insightful feedback that is honest and respectful. Class act.

Dianna W.D. M.Div., Ph.D.

Stress Free

I really love the website and thank you so much for being my partner without a partner. Already, you have me thinking of ways I can grow TT (doing webinars) and other means to connecting with educators (remembering that Social Media is just bread crumbs). This website is better than my old site. And, the best part is, I did not have to sit and spend hours stressing or working on it. I love the colors and how you provide your knowledge and expertise behind the how and why of each decision. I like that you provide logic for what you're adding to the site and not just an opinion.

Alexes T. M.A., M.Ed
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